Sunday, August 16, 2009

San Japan 2.x

Hi! I figure I would start doing a blog page now. why? well because some things in life now are starting to get more productive and for me and there will be times when there is too much to talk about on my deviant art journal/ page, or where ever else that might not appeal too much when it comes to massive posts such as this one.
San Japan 2.x
Well I only spent one day at the con (Saturday, the best day), but dang, one day is enough. Its not one of those big cons where it can take up to 3 days to walk around at. This place was fairly small and I felt like I had walked the same places I walked earlier around 10 times or so.
But, I was not bored at the least. I opened my shy shell and was actually more productive with speaking to other illustrators and animators, and one voice actor than I thought I was. lol
There were also some awesome cosplayers and great artists to talk to.
When I first got there it was quite early in the morning and things weren't exactly set up yet for the day. I met a few of my younger friends that were still in high school at the beginning, and then let them go and do their part while I did mine.
I first went to go see the different arrangements for the artist panels they had this year. I should say it was much better than last years. More spaced out and what not. not much was going one, so I took my first hour to take photos of some fine early morning cosplayers.

Around the second hour things started to slowly get going with the panels. I first met up and talked with Antarctic-Press, who was a comic business that sold manga and your general comics. The guy that was there was awesome, and we talked about art and business in the illustrative field, to animations, computers, comic con and other cons, etc. for about 15+ minutes or so. great bunch of guys. I then went to visit this other illustrator that I met 3 years ago at Ikkicon. Nice guy with some good talent. Not much to talk about though.
Fightinggenerica art was also there. Which is ran by my freind Rachel A.K.A Andy. been a while since I've seen her. another good meet.
after visiting for a while with Andy, I ran into these group of guys called A.C.E.S. we talked for a bit, and it seems like they had some great ideas at hand for media and animated/ comic productions. defiantly inspirators, and dreamers with great ideals at the ready for people to enjoy seeing.

Then it was off too location 2 at the Tropicana hotel where I met the voice of John Redcorn from king of the hill having his own little booth set up to sign autographs. We talked for about 5 minutes or so, and then I asked him if I could take a picture of him biting some of the fake corn next to him on the table. So he did and I got a nice autograph to go along with the picture. he was a nice guy. If ya ever see him, don't hesitate to drop a good hello and conversation.

a little later on after sight seeing and take more pictures I ran into these awesome guys whom I didn't really know about but have heard of them. Trunks and Soto. damn, these guys were awesome, I practically stayed with them for most of my hours at the con just hangin out and having a great time talking about anything and everything. probably the only people at the con besides antarctic-press, that I got a more than decent conversation with.

we had more in common with stuff than I thought when I first came up to say hi.

They were also selling this zombie pikachu shirt, and it got some great attention.
We were talking about sonic at the time of my mention of the shirt and I mentioned, "how about a zombie sonic?" An idea that defiantly went through and will be drawn and posted on their website. heh
So I practically made unexpected friends/acquaintances with Soto and trunks. Also great people and talented artists. And they have some great stuff to show and sell. I hope to catch them around the next convention they go to. And I hope anyone who reads this who goes to conventions does as well.

Nearing my leave I made my good byes with most of the people that I met and so forth.
I didn't visit any showcases this time around except for one that was the open AMV contest. I came in around the last half while my younger brother was playing video game tournaments right down the hall. there was this Evangelion/ pokemon spoof, very well done and super funny. then just about at the time of the end of the amv contest, I made my leave from the convention pretty much tired out. I was pretty much everywhere hoping around just hangin out and having a good time.
what else did I do besides meet/greet, and take pictures?

I picked up some what I call "productive merchandise" (like signed works and promotion like books and short magazines from the people I made friends with and from few others,
and exchanged information on paper, since I didn't have any business cards at the ready this time around. I also wore my custom made T-shirt which got some recognition. especially from Antarctic Press. I didn't even touch the dealers room this time around. nothing there really appealed to me.
All in all San Japan 2.X was a nice time. Not to many people were there like last year, and sales from artists and dealers were a little down in number and in sales this year. I'm guessing it had to do with the economy.
One day was enough for me when I came to this little convention. Next time though, I'm gonna bring a backpack or something to hold my stuff that I get from these places.
I'm hoping to attend Ikkcon and/or A-con the next following year. Definatly a 3 days worth experience.
I'm going to be posting a link to my pictures when I have them ready later on. So stay on watch.

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