Monday, April 23, 2012

Doodle Me a River

written on the spot, no edit blog: automatic writing/rant

Some people in this day and age focus so greatly on the quality and clean cut perfectionism of a piece of art rather than looking at its vision. They lean toward aesthetic appeal on the outside, in turn, losing, or not grasping the valued story behind a piece of work in the inside and what its meaning is from deep within the person. In my greatest opinion artwork should not be held down by the chains locked on it by the fickle society it is created under, and some agree with me, but for others, well... this is what I think of it...

 We artist's create, or rather should create, from what is in our souls and minds at the given time. Does it matter if your art looks like a crappy doodle? or does it look like a "professionally" rendered life-like illustration? perhaps it is the depth in the abstraction? or the light strokes of washed out painting that describes your work? <-all this pertaining to you and the other around you.))) what I'm saying here, is that it shouldn't matter how "good" others are, and you should never beat your self up for ever having be/been surrounded by people who get praised all the time with work that is eye candy and you don't.

 You are your own Picaso, your vision, the story you tell, the substance behind that doodle or life-like render is what truly matters. You shouldn't sell aesthetics, you should sell a vision, which in turn tells a story about you to the world. So I'm not saying to try and make something aesthetically beautiful to be up to par with others and not feel this way. It makes no sense because what is aesthetically pleasing to some one is subjective. That said, you should always try your best. this rant was written with this in mind. your personal style tells a lot about you. your line work, the way you interpret the world through your art, it is all as good as the next DaVinci.

Screw those who judge you and slander you for not being up to par with the standard of "quality" work you are surrounded by. You give it your best, you're unique in how you work. The greatest artists were vastly different in style. some with the most elementary/kindergardener styles, the most abstract, realistic, etc. but they all shared one thing in common, a vision… a vision behind their works, and those visions created an uproar of fame and insight about the world to the public.

So do not ever ever think that you are not good enough, or that you cannot produce work up to par. give it your best. there is a niche for you some where in art. you already… no, your body, mind and spirit already know this is your natural calling. so learn to work and adapt with it with enough pride to to feel confident and secure. never do I want to see some one who wants to pursue art, has drawn all their life, doodled, etc.  fall away because of judgment and self esteem led by others.

So go forth and design, draw, paint, illustrate, animate, sculpt, etc. etc. etc. with no fear and sheer confidence so powerful you will blow your teacher's and the world's minds.


btw: do not ever worry if you hardly get any recognition for what you do, like on Deviant Art, or in a class room by a teacher. I'm always in situations where I get hardly any praise, but have found that the most fruitful praise is by going out and personally showing what you do by your own initiative face to face. the spark of a conversation with another person involving your work is incredible. what goes on in online art communities is a hierarchy of artist clicks in a small world. What goes on in the air you breath, well… you'd be surprised how many people appreciate your hard work in the big, real world.

ie. Just the other day I was showing another artist, a music artist, my stuff. he was blown away by not only the quality, but most importantly the concept behind the pieces I have done. It felt like I had received 1k in feedback and comments from a gallery website that hosts art (which never happens there.) truly wonderful experience. I'm sure getting a table at a convention some day will have the same effects.

On that note, do not ever ever ever think that all because many people do not buy your work at a table at a con, even though prices are extremely reasonable, that your work sucks. oh no, it is an utter misconception. Even if your work does not sell well, but gets talked about, you are leaving an impression on the people. and that is an award on its own. of course if people are just flat out catty and rude, then they shouldn't be worth your time, or thought.

TL;DR / authors note:
I was just thinking about a few people I have met in life when I wrote this. it is a rant for sure, probably my roughest of the bunch, and of course I might have left a few things out, idk. But it was all typed pretty quick. but I feel we should give it our best in art, and shouldn't judge the visual so much as the vision of the piece. in our world today we are bombarded with so many visuals, we, and I, have been around people,  that turn into art natze's about how something looks crappy, awesome, etc. and completely by-pass the vision within. hell, I even fall guilty under that at times. But art is subjectivity, it is fickle, and it is a fierce job like no other that has rocked the world. let your quality of style send you to its greatest heights. give it your all, but don't make it look shotty… make it good enough and beyond to where people can tell what your vision and style is/who you are as an artist. screw those who judge you and ignore your art for what ever reason.

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