Sunday, July 22, 2012

Game production interview and San Japan

Short blog log on some recent events going down. I'll be attending San Japan in Texas this August as well as having our indie videgame production crew getting a filmed interview by an online gaming magazine next week. I'll send a link to the post when it is up. maybe around or after San Japan in August, pending on how long the editing takes.

On that notice, I guess I can give some helpful advice and say that great things will come for those who push hard. I've been pushing hard lately, and its showing. getting your feet on the ground is not that difficult. you just got to take your time with your content, and make it sellable. this involves doing research. know what gets people interested in your story or creation by looking at what others have done to reach a healthy audience. ultimately an audience will come to you. just do what you love to do on the inside, and make it look professional and sellable on the outside. even WIPs are some thing special. everything will fall into place slowly but surely in the end. and hopefully you'll have a life you feel comfortable with/a life you've dreamed of having.

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