Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Update: Futurai, and end of semester

Things are starting to slow down just slightly. A lot is going on, and I picked a bad time to start doing daily/weekly blogs when I revived this thing. Things should pick up around December if I didn't already mention it in my last post. Especially when my website is done.

Website is coming along nicely, and I got the slooooow Futurai piece of the warrior monk done. Finally! I am also going back to the ninja. the consistency is way off. I also dabbled in Google Sketch up again, as I am planning to build a castle (not a car this time) for my first big Matte painting. I'm going to explore 3D just a little more, as I feel that it is a vital supplement to my scenic paintings. I've also been studying hard for a possible full time job as a web tech. Which will be a nice indirect gateway into learning more about the web, along side doing web design and CMS building.

In my final bit of info, I've been helping/art directing you could say, my girlfriend's comic. I'm so excited about working with her on this via support and feedback. It is coming along nicely, and is very unique in dialogue and style from most other comics.

School is just about done for this semester, and a year from now, for good. I'm really excited!!! I will have a blog about that when that mile stone comes for sure.

Also, love the new time change. There is something about this time change that makes me feel much more productive than usual. And the weather has cooled down, plus it's been very rainy, which is a big productivity bonus!!!

Here is some visual candy on the Futurai updates.

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